Choosing the right jewelry can be complicated. Various sizestypesstylescomponents, and individuality can change your overall looks. We encourage you to review our knowledge guides and decide the best jewelry pieces for you and your love ones.

Jewelry Caring Tips

Maintaining your jewelry properly ensures your cherished pieces continue to radiate their timeless beauty.

Chain Jewelry Guide

There are a variety of jewelry chain types from a simple jewelry chain daily wear to a pendant hanged on the chain.

Earring Back Guide

Earrings are nothing without backs! We’ll take a look at the most popular earring backs, which are the cheapest, best, most durable.

Earring Style Guide

Find a good and nice pair of earrings for your face is important, here is a style guide for you to take into consideration.

Gemstone Guide

A large variety of gemstones used in jewelry world, in generally there are several ways in which the stones can be classified.

Jewelry Clasp Guide

The jewelry clap is the mechanism that allows necklace or bracelet to be put on and taken off.

Jewelry Metal Guide

Metals play a critical role in the creation of contemporary jewelry by affecting appearance, durability and cost.

Jewelry Coating Guide

V-BELLO offers different coating methods including gold plated, silver plated, rose gold plated, platinum plated and so on.

Necklace Sizing Guide

A simple guideline on how to choose the best size and length of necklace to fit you personally.

Pearl Guide

Pearl is a smooth lustrous gem and clearly one of nature’s great treasure with a wide range of color and shapes.

Ring Sizing Guide

A simple guideline on how to choose the best size of necklace to fit you hand.