Earrings are nothing without backs! We will take a look at the most popular earring backs, which are the cheapestbest, most durable. All about earring backs. Earring backs are made from various materials and come with your earrings when you purchase them, you can also buy them as a separate product if you need them.

Friction backs

Also known as “Push backs” and “Butterfly back” are the most common type of earring backs for pierced ears. A thin post slips through the piercing and is secured into a separate piece: the clutch backing.  However, it is known to not be as secure as other backings due to its looseness.


Also known as “Latch back“. There are two types of latch backs: one has the post on a hinge and clips into a notch on the back of the earring. The second has an immobile post and a lever-style back that has a hole for the post to slide in to.

French Wires

Only used with drop earrings, this style has no back to it. It is a curved wire hook that the earring itself can be attached to.

Lever Backs

This type of earring back has a curved wire hook but are latched behind the ear with a lever that opens and closes. These are only used with drop earrings.